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Project Shift

Project Shift

Seoul Animation Center



Seoul, Korea


November, 2016


Beomki Lee, Chang Kyu Lee

Exhibited at National Library of Korea Exhibition Hall in Seoul, Korea (2016 KICA International Invited Exhibition)

Featured on : A As Architecture / Design Raid

"Project Shift", a new Seoul Animation Center, redefines our understanding of architecture not as an isolated and static object, but as an interactive and flexible platform for everybody. Both building users and visitors can reconfigure their working and visiting spaces by manipulating proposed architectural components such as fins, folding doors, and moving walls, so that every person is encouraged to be actively involved in a variety of events.




Seoul Animation Center is located in the middle of two considerable urban contexts, Animation Streets (Jaemiro and Jaemirang) and Animation Business Cluster (Yejang Jarak) in Seoul. This geographical distinction allows Seoul Animation Center to be a central platform that accommodates cultural content in the city, and also connects important urban nodes in the city center. By maximizing open space on the ground level, "Project Shift" fosters the creation of new interaction with the public and links Namsan and Myeong-dong together, in order to create a new type of theme park.


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