Konokono Center

konokono center

Vaccination Center in Turkana, Kenya


Turkana, Kenya


Site Visit : March 2014

Building Construction : August 2014


Beomki Lee, Anastasia Hiller, Austing Smith, Karen Kitayama, Julian Ocampo, Sajel Patel, Sixto Cordero, Suk Lee, Tyler Crain, Tyler Stevermer + SelgasCano

Project Photographer: Iwan Baan

Featured on: EL croquis 181 / Architectural Records 

Turkana Vaccination and Educational clinic is collaboration between MIT architecture students, Selgascano Architects, MCSPA, and the people of Turkana, Kenya. Predicated upon the design and construction of a permanent vaccination and educational center for the nomadic people of Turkana, the building serves as a broader platform for a higher level of socio-cultural exchange.

The pavilion is designed to produce the maximum amount of shade and natural ventilation.
Turkana People in Kenya who were used to live with nomadic lifestyle have lived a settled existence recently. In this the present situation, this project offers a space for education and vaccination center for the local people who have just started settlement life. This project asks what it means to collaborate with traditional civilizations and how architecture can be used to encourage cross-cultural exchange.