- Architecture & Interior Design

Medi Cloud

Despite their use as a controlled environment for scientific and technological research, laboratories exist in a state which works to render them as isolated and obfuscated spaces. This begs the question to be asked: How can the laboratory be improved for a continuously shifting 21st century? How can it be reimagined to inspire a more inclusive and open existence? South Korean company Medi Cloud seeks to answer this with an intervention to this narrative using a brand new concept; an open and transparent research space. By showcasing lab activity and equipment, ideas surrounding accessibility, transparency, and collectivity are reflected in the design of its laboratory. 

Medi Cloud, a gene analysis company established in 2019 provides customized medical data out of a laboratory complex in Suwon, South Korea. Medi Cloud aims to inhabit timeless design with a sophisticated and distinct style, setting it far apart from lab spaces found nearby.