Pleura Pod

Pleura pod

Kinetic Air Purification Wall


Cambridge, MA


December 2013


Beomki Lee, Deaho Lee, Suk Lee

3rd Prize - 2014 Holcim Awards Next Generation North America
Photographer: Iwan Baan
Installed and Exhibited in Martin Luther King, Jr. Garden, Cambridge / Dec 2013-Feb 2014 

Making Films: Video 1 / Video 2

Featured on: HolcimFoundation / Archemon / Archinect



Pleura Pod is a wall system, in which architecture and nature coexist. As the definition of Pleura, ‘a thin serous membrane in mammals that envelops
each lung and folds back to make a lining for the chest cavity’, the installation has the layers of wall assembly that circulates air in order to grow contained algae. The algae consume Carbon Oxide (CO2) and produce Oxygen (O2) to purify the inside air of the pavilion.


The installation is designed in 3D design software and fabricated manually using tools provided from MIT. The design team collaborated with PhD student, Jinyeong Moon, from Electrical Engineering Department of MIT in order to control fans that control the airflow and create a kinetic surface. In terms of materials, PVC and PETG plastics are used and fabricated by using shop tools, CNC milling machine and thermal former. These fabricated parts are then manually crafted, processed and assembled, using low-tech and cheap but very efficient materials such as fishing wire.