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Projection of Scenery

Projection of Scenery

International Yeoui-Naru Ferry Terminal in Seoul


Seoul, Korea


May, 2017


Beomki Lee, Deaho Lee, Jaeyual Lee, Haemee Han

Featured on : A As Architecture / Archvisiononline

As a place for relaxation and leisure, Yeoui-Naru has been an easily accessible site for people of Seoul, Korea to visit and spend time in the Han River waterfront. However, after rapid industrial development and urbanization, most of today’s Han River facilities are severed from the function and context of Seoul, and are mostly isolated as a landmark with a strong symbolism at the end of the Han River. Projection of Scenery proposes a new Seoul Yeoui-Naru for everyone beyond such urban severance.   

Yeouido is a high-density business and residential district with concentration of high-rise buildings and a grand central park with seasonal urban festivals such as cherry blossoms and fireworks, accommodating various urban and leisure activities. As an island between the Han River, Yeouido is fully surrounded by the riverfronts.

Starting from the livelihood of urban life in Yeouido, New Yeoui-Naru creates an axis of continuous experience that naturally leads to a beautiful green park and waterfront space. The sequential axis from the city center, the park, and the Han river intersects with a new axis that is parallel to the flow of the Han River. The intersection of two axes create a waterfront space as a rest area for all citizens which surpasses its mere function of a ferry terminal. 

Rather than an icon with a splendid formality, but with a simple form accompanied by various materials and façade design, the project becomes a permanent space where the beauty of city, green space and water is maximized and reproduced in harmony. New Yeoui-Naru is not just a passenger terminal, but an urban node including various elements such as events, performance space, open-air cafes and cultural exhibitions. As a public space mixed with nature, layers of materials and spaces with maximized transparency are superimposed with reflections where the boundary of inside and outside is vaguely rendered. It becomes a unique architectural space where unexpected harmony of water, nature and people come together.